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About Lisa – Owner of Nutrition Beast

In 2000, I got saline breast implants and within two years, I became very ill and lost a significant amount of weight. During that time, I fell in love with weight training and eating clean. In April 2013, my transformation was featured on Bodybuilding.com.

Through weight training and diet, I was able to turn my outside appearance around. Although my outside appearance had dramatically improved, I developed severe memory loss and was unable to drive. I continued to struggle with my health and daily living became a challenge.

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In 2010 I had explant surgery. After explant surgery my memory improved, but I was left with saline implant toxicity syndrome which damaged my cells and internal organs. In 2014, I went to a toxicologist and underwent six months of chelation treatment for heavy metal toxicity which helped significantly.

Despite many obstacles I have overcome, and I gained extensive nutritional knowledge that I love sharing. I have a passion for living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. And along the way I found Jesus!

I am the editorial specialist at SimplyShredded.com. My work has appeared on numerous websites and in print magazines, and I’m an ambassador for Magnum Nutraceuticals . 

Surround yourself with positivity.

Beastly Blessings!


About Elliot – Nutrition and Training Coach for Nutrition Beast

  • Co-author of the 12-Weeks to Shredded eBook (simplyshredded.com)
  • Published nutritional science writer in many mainstream fitness/health websites & magazines
  • Dietary Supplement Formulator/Developer for 2 popular nutrition companies
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences/Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota
  • Powerlifting enthusiast (bodybuilding is cool, too)
  • Thoroughly passionate about the science and research behind exercise physiology, performance nutrition & dietary supplementation

I love being able to understand the reasoning behind what I do in the gym and what I put in my body, as well as applying/testing theories to provide betterment of health, physique, and performance. My priority lies in mending the gap between what’s optimal and what’s practical to help clients improve not only their health but also their life!


To contact and learn more about working 1-on-1 with me, please check out the services page!

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